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We have builtout a recruiting platform that is further enriched with our strategic alliances with technical niche recruiters, our clients and our network of professionals.

As our candidate you will have access to ours and their advertised and unadvertised opportunities.

In the meantime, when you do not have a job or your company is struggling – it’s all hands on deck.

We get it – look at our many resources Edgecumbe Group’s JOBboard; as well our candidate resources.

Keep in mind –  we’re not fair weather friends. Reach out to us and we can try our best to help you be your best. 


Can you create, reimagine, retrofit an integral component ? 

Prepare a bid, manage the project, execute the scope of work on time and within budget? Have you marketed products or services with or without a clearance in the aerospace industry  …  learn more

Do you have a progressive foundation of work in Vitamin & Supplement manufacturing, or pharmaceutical  pre / formulation development or food formulation or  nutritional composition ? …  learn more

Edgecumbe Group Contingent Retained Recruitment

Do you have a strong fundamental understanding and creative script writing and network experience in a Threat Intelligence software company ? Are you a salesperson with client management experience? 

We have a strong robust cyber security recruitment practice.  … learn more 

Edgecumbe Group Contingent Retained Recruitment

We are the recruitment resource for master data management  …  learn more 

Engineering Services employers

Engineering Services recruitment is a hurry up and wait / hurry up and recruit vertical.

Register for our contractor call back program.

We have a robust recruitment of direct hire opportunities as well …  learn more

Manufacturing employers

Our most successful vertical in the last seven years has been and is projected to be in the manufacturing sector.  

Best defined as ShopFloor to BoardRoom Door…learn more 

Edgecumbe Group Contingent Retained Recruitment

We are your Big 4 public tax accountant resource. Especially for candidates who have a strong foundation in Federal / State tax credits and incentives. If you are a Practice Leader or Managing Partner – let’s explore our partnership program …  learn more 

Contingent Recruitment Retained Recruitment

We are the recruitment resource from IOT, 5G & Telecom  …  learn more 


We are committed to providing our clients with highly qualified, culturally diverse candidates.


All highly qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to citizenship status, national origin; and any other characteristic protected by law.


We respect and celebrate the diversity of our candidates, our vendors, our staffing partners, our clients their backgrounds and their experiences and provide equal opportunity for all.