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Register for our Contractor Call Back program. Contact us before your contract is completed for seamless transitioning to your next gig.  All rates are transparent. Your payrate, the client’s billrate and the staffing markup is transparent to all involved parties.  Ask us about the capability to hold your TSCL or ability to obtain a TSCL.  Our company is a woman owned business and SAM certified. All contractors will have access to comprehensive healthcare benefit; and we even offer  pet insurance.  Learn more 


Director level searches demand a more comprehensive approach. Ask us about our hands on ala carte approach to Global Executive Searches, as well. Learn more



Contingent staffing is the right choice when you need a position to be filled quickly. 


Retained search is the right choice to have access to regional labor costs for project bids, a talent buildout  for a newly acquired division, a crucial and confidential executive position,  a recently awarded project volume and priority hires, or for the ever-elusive purple squirrel position.  


Onsite talent resource is necessary when the volume of hires supersedes your inhouse team’s capabilities, or a newly relocated division, or a recently acquired division. We have the capability of additional professional interviewers onsite or virtual.  

Employer of Record Services  

Employer of record services is frankly that – the employer of record. Davern Group, a consultancy that will manage and provide payroll solutions. We have a strong offering of services to civilian, obtaining and security clearance, W-2, union and nonunion employees. 

Our company is SAM certified and a women owned business. 

Our service is professional, electronic and by request with a generous float. We are fully transparent to all parties involved –  the bill rate, the pay rate and the staffing partners’ markup are fully disclosed. Learn more