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Tax Credits & Incentives

FEDERAL / state overview

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Our clients are best served by outsourcing this verticle. Hiring a firm who specializes in Federal Tax Credits and Incentives, State & Local Tax Credits and Incentives, Transaction Tax Planning is not enough. Are they number one in your industry? Do they have the bandwidth to customize and address your questins ? Are they your accountant’s tennis partner or your controller’s golf buddy ? 


We have a network of firms that can present you with a plan through our management consultancy company – Davern Group

Introducing Davern Group, a management consultancy, an Edgecumbe Group Company whose network of Tax Credit and Incentives professionals can navigate you through the current DOL, IRS and Legislative landscape, the programs on the horizon and potenitally exploring the 3-yr clawback. 


The program presentation will make the decision effortless to decide which firm to bring on board. They will work with your firm and in concert with your accountant or as a check and balance of your accountant. 


Partner with us and engineer your future.