Trends from the trenches ...

Edgecumbe Group

Are you capturing all State and Federal Tax Credit & Incentives ?

Is your hiring process from advertisement to recruitment to onboarding, compliant?

Remember  the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker, our Entrepreneurs are now counting on their Accountant, their Attorney and their Management Consultant.

Your outsourced team should be engaged with you. They should be proactive and share  market conditions now and on the horizon. If they are not, then why not ? We’re in the office.

Edgecumbe Group of companies updates ...

Edgecumbe Group of companies now includes Edgecumbe Group, Davern Group, and coldcallHOTleads. All three companies under one umbrella.

2023 hiring trends are evolving in realtime. Unlike in 2022 where most hires were Direct Hires, now we are forecasting the trend in Q2 2023 companies will be gearing up their workforce with contractors on a 1099, W2 basis and exploring Temporary to Direct hires in addition to strategic Direct Hires as layoffs continue. 

Q2 2023 is projected to be a rough ride. We are well funded, we have vetted our vendors and we are all in the  office working for you and your team.

Recruitment concentration: Aerospace, CyberSecurity and Engineering Services.

Global and United States Employer of Record Services (EOR) network is robust and ready for your inquiry.

Executive level Candidate Skillmarketing Program is evolving in realtime. Stay tuned.